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We believe that every Democratic group and organization deserves the same modern, high-quality tools and strategies that national campaigns have, regardless of fundraising or ability to pay. 

We know that by strengthening Democratic groups and organizations at the local level, we can fortify the national Democratic Party and movement. 



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I started volunteering with the Hillsborough County DEC in 2019 as a desk assistant, where I was busy taking about 30 calls per week from people interested in volunteering. A few weeks into volunteering, I attended a voter registration event but was the only attendee.


Quickly realizing there was a missing link between volunteers calling into the office and turnout to our events, I asked if I could be the volunteer coordinator. I promptly established the position and set up the processes and procedures for the Hillsborough County Democratic Party Volunteer Coordinator.


Suddenly, I was calling all the individuals who called the office, notifying them about events coming up and learning more about skills they could offer, and how they wanted to get involved. Event turnout started to increase, and I have since become the HCDEC photographer, social media content creator and Instagram manager.

During 2020 in Hillsborough I had scores of volunteers signing up from surrounding counties. When asked if they wanted to volunteer in HC they would always say that it was all they could find, or no one in their county got back to them. I was soon in their position myself.


While searching for places to volunteer during the Georgia Senate Runoffs the tables had turned, I was the volunteer filling out forms on dated websites only to have no one call or email me back.


I realized how many DECs and Democratic organizations were losing volunteers just because they didn't have the manpower to find and train a volunteer coordinator, create effective social media posts and messaging, or have a modern updated website that was taking in members and expanding their community. So, I started Blueprint. It would help these groups and organizations build infrastructure and grow their community around Democratic engagement and activism.

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